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One listen to the rumbling purr of a rambunctious, talkative “Meezer,” and you too will understand why there is nothing else like them. Derived from the word affinity, Afina Siamese is our name.

Talia with Hasani

We raise our kittens to be affectionate, healthy, and beautiful companions. To know our Siamese is to love them. Located in the Heart of Dixie in Alabama, we are a small cattery whose focus is on quality, not quantity. Afina is registered with The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), and we actively show in CFA. A member of the CFA Siamese Breed Council, we are dedicated to raising cats who come as close to the CFA Siamese breed standard as possible. Our kittens are available only in the four CFA accepted colors of seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac point. They are raised as part of our family, and lavished with love by everyone, including my daughter Talia (pictured above).

You are invited to peruse our site, and write or call if you have any questions. The Males and Females pages offer details about the adults currently in our breeding program. Under the Photo Gallery you can see some of the youngsters we have had in the past. To check for current and expected litters see our Kittens page for pet quality kittens, or feel free to contact us directly.


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Our name has changed from Bama Blues to Afina Siamese. Check out our new website and come back often for updates.



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